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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
a musical with book and lyrics by Marsha Norman
music by Lucy Simon
based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Directed by Darren Gage
Music Director - Judy Stanton

This hit musical is a treat for the whole family, and features some of the most stunning melodies from Broadway's recent past . It tells the story of a young girl named Mary who, after suffering a terrible tragedy, finds herself living with her unhappy uncle in the English countryside. His house is haunted by a painful past, and is filled with shadows and strange sounds. Mary's youthful spirit is precisely what the house needs, though, as she magically transforms her surroundings and teaches her uncle to embrace life again. Don't miss this beautiful, uplifting tale.


September 12-27, 2008


dramatized by Hamilton Deane & John L. Balderston
from Bram Stoker's world-famous novel

Directed by Bob Caruso

This classic play, the one from which all subsequent theatrical and movie versions of the novel derive, is set in 1927 in a sanatorium outside London. Lucy Seward, the daughter of the director of the sanatorium has come down with the same strange anemia that killed her friend Mina. Her father has sent for his friend Dr. Van Helsing, a specialist in exotic diseases, to consult on the case. Meanwhile, the mysterious new owner of ruined Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula, has taken a strong interest in Lucy's well-being. Will the truth be discovered in time to save Lucy's life? This classic tale of horror and vampires is perfect for the Halloween season.


October 17 - November 1, 2008

A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Mark Liebert

Studio Players mount a new production of Arthur Miller’s timeless piece originally staged in 1955. Set in a poor working class neighborhood, Miller's play opens a Pandora’s box and out pours a smorgasbord of social issues including illegal immigration, incest, organized crime, homophobia and dysfunctional families. He was crying out for recognition and analytic inspection rather than psycho-sexual romanticism of still another misunderstood victim. The issues have not gone away. It is time to look again.


January 9-24, 2009

Tennyson, Anyone?

Tennyson, Anyone?
an original comedy by Mark Liebert

Directed by Ken Budris

If home is where the heart is, it’s no wonder Will Keats is confused. Trying to balance his enthusiasm for tennis, his passion for writing and his love for his wife and family, Will finds himself secretly living at his tennis club after his wife kicks him out of the house. Come share the laughs in the world premiere of this new comedy by Mark Liebert (Around the Horn, Quillow, the Musical).


March 6-21, 2009

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Picasso at the Lapin Agile
by Steve Martin

Directed by Janet Sales

A guy walks into a bar. Okay, so it’s Einstein. A young Einstein, before his big Theory. He meets a young Picasso, before his famous Rose Period. In Steve Martin’s long-running comedy, these two geniuses and a host of other characters, including… Elvis Presley?… ask the question: which will have the biggest impact on humanity—Art, Science, or Pop Culture? If it sounds a little wild and crazy, that's because it is, as Martin sprinkles a little philosophy between jokes that fly fast and furious. See for yourself why this comedy has broken attendance records Off-Broadway and around the country.


May 1-16, 2009


The Magic Trunk
The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood

The Somewhat True Tale
of Robin Hood
by Mary Lynn Dobson

Directed by Dan Willis

It sure is hard to be humble when you’re a swashbuckling, egocentric super-hero. But our gallant guy in green tries his best as he swaggers through, a frantically funny Monty Pythonesque retelling of the classic. Combine him with an expandable band of spoon-wielding Merry Men whose collective IQs equal six and you’ve got an hysterical jaunt through Sherwood Forest that you soon won’t forget. Sure to be fun for the entire family.


November 15-23, 2008

Darius the Dragon

Darius the Dragon
by Eleanor Harder

Directed by Catherine Cantine

When Darius the medieval dragon is unearthed from his peaceful underground cave by a bulldozer, he is thrust into the noise and pollution of the 20th century. Darius sets out to find the king of this land. Along the way he leads the Young People in a Crusade. Join the fun as a medieval dragon meets the modern day.

Special Magic Trunk show fully produced by
our junior members


February 7-15, 2009

Little Women

Little Women
adapted by Marisha Chamberlain,
from the novel by Louisa May Alcott

Directed by Laura Byrne-Cristiano

Little Women is a classic coming of age tale of the four March sisters: tempestuous Jo, motherly Meg, shy Beth, and spoiled baby Amy. Under the guidance of their mother, Marmie, and the influence of their neighbors, the Lawrence family, each girl discovers an inner strength to go on in the face of adversity that she never knew she had.


March 28 - April 5, 2009

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