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Wooing Wed Widing Hood

Wooing Wed Widing Hood
by Charlie Lovett

Directed by Tommy Donaldson
Stage Manager - Kimberly Griffin

The Magic Trunk

Wooing Wed Widing Hood tells the story of three princes and their three quests to woo Red Riding Hood. But the Evil Queen is sent to make sure that the three princes fail. Who will woo Wed Widing Hood??? OOPS! Red Riding Hood? Come see a delightful twist of a classic fairy tale that is full of comedy and adventure for all.


Danielle Ackerson as Little Red Riding Hood

Nikki Pigott as Medium Purple Riding Hood

Brittany Wirths as Big Green Riding Hood

Steve Goldberg as Mr. Hood

Christie Lotz as Mrs. Hood

Audrey Patricola as Narrator #1

Kellie Ackerson as Narrator #2

Shannon Fullard as Evil Queen

Jake Stepansky as Wise Prince Jason

Michael Purdy as Strong Prince Justin

Ryan Gordon as Loud Prince Frank

Norm Keller as King

Larissa Pelc as Queen

Peg Peet as Grandmother

Edward Otto Zielke as Big Bad Wolf

Molly Watchel as Fairy Godmother

Harolina Fermin as Louise the UPS Gal

Colleen Labella as Emma

Garrett Miller as Oswald

Lauren Sagenella as Sophie

Ramazan Sela as Gerald

Performance Dates

February 25, 26, March 4, 5

Saturday & Sunday - 1:30pm & 3:30pm

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